Octacoin provided us with this very unique project, since these visuals were, as I’m proud to say, eventually projected in a huge room. The total width of the projection was approx. 70m!

For this project I was responsible for the design of this fierce an majestic dragon.
Once the design was through the gates I started modelling and shading the creature.
Then it was time for the rigging. This was challenging because there was not a lot of time to complete this project.
I created a rig where we only had to animate 1 controller and the whole dragon would follow through dynamics.

Once the dragon was production ready , I continued creating props such as the Earth scene and the cave.
At the end I comped everything in After effects.

  • Model/Rig/Animation: Cinema4D
  • Lighting/shading/rendering: Arnold
  • Compositing: Adobe After Effects

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